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Sustainable Construction & Innovation and The GRID

With the clock ticking on Net Zero Carbon and legislation / industry standards tightening to meet this goal, we at CE Midlands have partnered with The Grid to create a dedicated transformative solution that will enable Construction sector businesses to stay ahead of the curve.

We have partnered to connect innovative minds, companies and organisations to provide a blend of real life, real time and virtual engagement for the Construction Industry in the Midlands.

We are part of a once in a lifetime partnership to assist companies to develop their products, services and practices to meet burgeoning environmental requirements.  Our purpose is to enable business to develop cost effective and quality solutions that protect our climate and communities in the long-term.

So how will we do this? 

The SCI – GRID will provide an easily accessible and identifiable place for businesses of all sizes to gather, collaborate and find opportunities in the path to Net Zero.  It will act as brokers and conduits to many resources. These include but are not limited to: best practice guidance, funding opportunities, partnership and consortia development, R & D access, and peer-to-peer support.   In short, SCI – GRID will provide both in-person engagement within a new style of ‘virtual innovation and ideas park’, which like the physical equivalent, comes with open collaboration spaces, secure meeting rooms, a reference library, regular events and opportunities to meet other innovators and organisations.

The Midlands has been lacking a highly interactive, single-point resource for the construction supply-chain, dedicated specifically to environmental sustainability and innovation.  The SCI – GRID will be a game-changer because it is not intended as a ‘static’ virtual platform, but a Community driven by; ideas creation, entrepreneurial flair, creativity and sector growth.  It will help you and your business to engage with all of the local and regional business support organisations you need and many supply-chain business opportunities.  Within it, you will be able to access co-working spaces, universities, accelerators and business networks. It will maximise synergies rather than reinvent the wheel.

The SCI – GRID provides a connection between companies and organisations of all sizes within the world of Construction.  This will be especially helpful for larger businesses and institutions seeking solutions to their product, service and operational challenges, and for SMEs and Start-ups wishing to design or develop commercially viable Innovative responses to real life situations.  Furthermore, it will enable opportunities and connections for companies who are diversifying into the construction industry to meet with construction industry firms seeking solutions that might lie outside the industry’s parameters.

The SCI – GRID is in its formative stages and will growth through your use and input. Log on. Let’s make it work.


Log on. Explore. Benefit. Make a difference!


Noel Street

CE Midlands Sustainability & Innovation Group 


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