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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

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The board of  CE Midlands has decided that Equality, Diversity and Inclusion should be a cross cutting theme that is considered a priority within all our Theme Groups.

CE Midlands have adopted the CIOB Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Charter as best practice.

The business case for increasing diversity and inclusion in the construction industry could not be clearer. What we build should meet the needs of society. That is hard to achieve if we are not sufficiently diverse and, as an industry, do not reflect society.

Why this matters

The numbers within the CIOB report reveal that diversity and inclusion in construction is a matter of individual business survival. A growing body of evidence suggests that it is also a matter of business success.

That is the focus for this report and charter: that the issue of diversity and inclusion is one of vital strategic importance for construction business leaders right now, and it sets out the steps they need to take to get their organisations moving in the right direction.

What we want to achieve

Getting moving in the right direction is the load-bearing idea here, because change cannot happen overnight. Most organisations that now enjoy enviable records on diversity and inclusion started from somewhere very different. It is a journey an organisation must start and involves changing cultures and processes over time within a given organisation’s unique context. the charter is intended to encourage the first step in that journey.

The five actions recommended are not difficult in and of themselves but making all five work together over time to produce results will take thought and commitment.

CLICK HERE to download the charter

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