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Chair:  Tim Bush of Baily Garner

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Navigating the Future: A Thought Leadership Perspective on Affordable Housing in the West Midlands

Provided by Richard Whittaker (Citizen Housing), Tim Bush (Baily Garner) and Andrew Carpenter (CE Midlands)


In the dynamic landscape of the West Midlands, affordable housing emerges as a critical cornerstone in fostering inclusive communities and addressing housing challenges, as part of our national infrastructure. This thought leadership piece explores the evolving role of affordable housing in the region, analysing current trends, addressing challenges, and proposing innovative solutions.

Current Landscape:

The West Midlands faces a growing demand for good quality affordable housing, highlighting the urgency for effective housing policies. With an increasing population of diverse needs, there is a pressing necessity for sustainable, inclusive, and community-centric housing solutions.

Challenges and Opportunities:

Examining challenges such as limited resources, both human and materials, outdated infrastructure, is the electrical grid fit for purpose, and societal disparities, this piece delves into the potential of public-private partnerships, community engagement, and technological advancements in shaping the future of affordable housing. Identifying opportunities for collaboration between government, private entities, and local communities becomes pivotal.

Community-Centric Approaches:

Highlighting successful models from within the West Midlands and beyond, this thought leadership piece underscores the importance of community investment. It explores initiatives that empower residents, encourage affordable cohesion, and prioritise the creation of vibrant, sustainable neighbourhoods, after all housing is much more than just bricks and mortar!

Innovation and Technology:

Analysing the role of technology in modernising affordable housing, this piece explores how innovations like smart infrastructure, sustainable design, and data-driven solutions can contribute to more efficient and responsive housing environment. Embracing digital transformation is crucial for meeting the evolving needs of residents.

Policy Recommendations:

Offering actionable insights, this thought leadership piece provides policy recommendations for stakeholders at various levels. From streamlining regulatory processes to incentivising sustainable development, the focus is on creating an environment where affordable housing can thrive and adapt to evolutionary change.


As the West Midlands navigates the complex terrain of affordable housing, a forward-thinking and collaborative approach is paramount. This thought leadership piece aims to inspire conversations, drive innovation, and foster a shared commitment to creating a housing landscape that truly serves the diverse and evolving needs of the region’s residents.

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