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Offsite Suppliers Map

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Offsite Suppliers Map

Why have we got a map showing where MMC have production facilities in the region?

  • Nationally and more particularly in the Midlands there is a huge emphasis on Modern Methods of Construction /Offsite as we come out of lockdown.
  • Our CE Midlands  client’s groups are particularly interested in finding out what companies/suppliers are producing offsite solutions in the Midlands but lack a readily accessible and comprehensive dataset.
  • We have been approaching suppliers asking them if they want to participate in this project and have so far met with a positive response but look forward to expanding the number of pins on the map.
  • We are linking up with other organisations including other CE regions to extend the map and information across a wider geographical area.
  • We hope that providing this information will support local suppliers reach a larger group of clients and expand their business.

‘MMC’ is not new. Post-war prefabricated homes show that far from being a wholly radical approach, MMC has already being utilised to some extent in the construction industry for many years.  ‘Modern Methods of Construction’ (MMC) is a wide term, embracing a range of offsite manufacturing and onsite techniques that provide alternatives to traditional building. However, under this umbrella term there has been a particular focus on off-site construction, which would take construction of new buildings or their elements into a factory setting rather than the traditional construction directly on site.

Particularly when addressing the much-publicised housing crisis, many believe MMC can be utilised to deliver new homes more quickly and at a lower cost than traditional house building. Many expect the role of MMC to grow substantially over the next few, suggesting that the industry is getting on board with more radical approaches to building that the UK needs.

Many believe that the pandemic has fast-tracked businesses into exploring ways of doing things better, and this has led to an increase in clients wanting to explore modern methods of construction (MMC) and other efficiency-based solutions such as digital tools, to enable them to meet their commercial goals.

Producing the MMC suppliers map has given Construction Excellence Midlands the opportunity to help our client group understand which suppliers are in their region, which material genres they build with, and categories of MMC (like volumetric or panelised) and markets they operate within.

In order to keep up with the rapidly evolving MMC sector, engagement with MMC suppliers has aided our understanding of the sector in line with the published MMC definition framework.

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