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Richard Cymler | Chair

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About this group

This Group has been assembled to help drive understanding and compliance with the Building Safety Act across the Midlands Region.

The tragic events on the 14th of June 2017 are engrained in our memory and as an industry we recognise that radical change is necessary to respond to the findings of the subsequent reports and inquiry. We must proactively embrace the required changes ahead of legislation, wherever possible, to ensure that life safety is always paramount in the construction services we deliver.

This Group therefore needs to understand the far-reaching implications of the BS Act and ensure that our membership and the Midlands Construction Industry generally, fully understands how they must respond beyond compliance.

Our thought leadership will be crucial in signposting the broad church in CE Midlands across all sectors to examples of best practice and case studies to accelerate our adoption of the new way of working and behaving.


For more information about the Building Safety Group contact Steve Green at

Our Purpose

  •   To remain up to date with the evolving requirements of the Building Safety Act and associated legislation and how if effects our membership
  • To work in partnership with the Building a Safer Future scheme

Our Specific Objectives

  • Review and update as necessary the CEM guide Draft Building Safety Bill first published 15.04.21
  • Share Gateway 1 feedback, lessons learnt from HSE/Planning Authority on why projects failed at the first gateway
  • The group to share knowledge from attendance at Peter Baker type roadshows with Steve Green who will arrange uploading to the BS section of CE Website with an associated alert to members to “go see”
  • Specifically share best practice process on specifying and checking to confirm compliance of building safety related installations eg fire coatings, fire stopping,
  • Consider establishing standardised competence assessment for the supply chain across tier 1 contractors – is Build UK or similar already doing this?
  • Find a BSF Champion company to feedback on their process through the scheme

Building Safety Act information centre

CLICK HERE for the RICS Building Safety Act information centre which provides links to helpful documents and the answers to frequently asked questions.

LABC Building Safety Act resource page

CLICK HERE for the Local Authority Building Control page to read about the Act and to access a host of links to building safety pages and documents.

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Latest Events

Building Safety Theme Group Meeting

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Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm

Building Safety Theme Group Meeting

Date: 5th November 2024

Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm

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