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June Overview – Cem Budak

Elections are underway, marking a pivotal moment as 2024 has been dubbed the biggest election year in history, with more than 2 billion voters heading to the polls in 50 countries, including the UK. Already, the local elections in the Midlands have ushered in change, with a new mayor for the West Midlands and the inaugural mayor for the newly formed East Midlands Combined Authority. As the global, national, and regional landscapes shift, the impact on the construction industry is profound.

It’s a call to action for us all. We must be proactive, influential, and supportive of local and national policymakers to ensure our industry remains at the forefront of progress. This entails exploring innovative approaches to financing major projects like HS2 Birmingham to Manchester, embracing carbon-conscious practices, and fostering collaboration and innovation.

Indeed, this year poses its share of challenges, but at CE Midlands, we’re committed to fostering collaboration as a catalyst for change. Amidst challenges and inefficiencies, there are countless examples of excellence. Our awards serve as a platform to celebrate these achievements and amplify best practices. Recent events, including the outstanding entries for the CE West Midlands Awards and G4C Awards, underscore the talent and dedication within our industry. Looking ahead, major events like the CE East Midlands Awards, the Carbon Currency Conference, and Infrastructure Forums are on the horizon.

Persistent challenges, like skill shortages in crucial sectors such as energy and water, present opportunities for agile adaptation and the development of transferable skills. By embracing these opportunities, we can turn adversity into growth.

As we navigate the complexities of the upcoming year, let us remember that our strength lies in unity. I urge everyone to engage in our activities and explore avenues for collective action. Together, we can shape a better and more sustainable future for the construction industry in the Midlands.

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