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The Grid and CE Midlands

Join us on Zoom for an hour over lunch, bring your own coffee & sandwiches and listen to what The Grid has to offer CE Midlands members on Wed 9th December

The itinerary:

  1. The challenge: Noel Street, Chair CE Midlands Innovation & Sustainability Theme Group
  2. Introduction to The Grid: Richard and/or Paul
  3. How you access via the new CE Midlands web site: Emma Hannam
  4. Discussion

The Grid is offering:

  1. An opportunity for CE Midlands’ members & supporters to both showcase their own innovations in sustainability and learn from others.
  2. A virtual platform to encourage innovation and sustainable design and construction.
  3. A virtual space for construction industry businesses across the Midlands to meet, learn, explore and re-image their processes to achieve net zero carbon.
  4. A peer-peer community
  5. Information exchange
  6. Cost of zero carbon and adaption
  7. Learning, networking and support
  8. Working with research and innovation programmes
  9. Service providers, sponsors or support sections to the platform
  10. The Midlands newest innovation network

Click here to view Noel’s presentation – The Grid and CE Midlands

A Note from Noel Street to The Innovation and Sustainability Members

Thank you for your contributions to the ‘Sustainability & Innovation Forum’ to date.

Following the successful launch of the GRID  last week I have attached PDF copy of the presentation I gave that set out our objectives and the actions we are pursuing to engage businesses involved in the Midlands Construction Industry to find a pathway to Net Zero for 2030. The route we have chosen, to enable us to reach out to these businesses across the Midlands, in the most updateable way, is a Virtual Platform – The GRID.

The GRID aims to be the compass that guides business owners to find the right accelerator, membership community or grant for their business. One of the key findings during the research phase for the Grid was that there is no one platform to help SMEs find all relevant programmes. New business setting up in the manufacturing industry have many divers and potentially conflicting advice portals such as Manufacturing Growth Programme, Warwick Manufacturing Group, The Manufacturing Catapult and many more. The Grid aims to help entrepreneurs by listing all of the regional partners that can offer support or guidance by searching the site by keyword, industry, size of business or product.

The framework of The Grid will engage with all of the local and regional business support organisations, such as co-working spaces, universities, accelerators and business networks.  By cross-promoting all of these service providers on The Grid users will be able to search all relevant programmes or early stage accelerators available in the West Midlands.

The ‘Sustainability & Innovation Forum’ area of The GRID will draw hundreds and potentially thousands of businesses together to empower innovative minds in construction, giving them the freedom to discuss, share, develop and adopt new approaches to transform how business andprojects are to be designed, costed, constructed, managed and delivered to achieve Zero Carbon. Supported by the West Midlands Combined authority, Innovation Alliance and Aston University we are discussing collaborative working with organisations such as 5PRING who are the accelerator for 5G adoption in the Midlands.

We are part of a once in a lifetime opportunity to use our personal and company knowledge experience and profile to shape the Grid and ultimately assist companies in the Midlands to reshape their practices to meet future requirements to ensure that the climate and communities of the future are protected.

I hope you will be able to take time to consider how you and your business can input into the shaping of the Grid and contribute to its success. Please join me to discuss this over a low carbon, virtual lunch on 9th December at 1pm. Zoom invite attached.

Please contact me if you wish to discuss anything further before the meeting.

Best regards,

Noel Street

Sustainability & Innovation Forum


Event Details

  • Date: 9th December
  • Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm
  • Event Category: Zoom
  • Organiser: CE Midlands

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