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April Overview – Tom Woodhead

Welcome to our April Newsletter.

As we embrace the challenges and opportunities of 2024, Constructing Excellence Midlands stands at a pivotal point. We are more committed than ever to steering the Midlands construction industry towards a future defined by resilience, innovation, and true collaboration.

Confronting Industry Challenges with Bold Leadership

The feedback from our community has been clear, the times are demanding, and the industry’s tendency towards adversarial relationships and traditional, often ineffective, procurement methods are more pronounced in challenging economic conditions. CE Midlands is poised to address these challenges head-on, advocating for a shift that prioritises long-term sustainability and genuine partnership over short-term gains. But haven’t we always advocated this, what’s different?

Our resolve is to not only continue advocating for collaboration but to redefine it in a manner that resonates with the current landscape. We are exploring new avenues to facilitate this through our Clubs, Theme Groups and our fantastic G4C network, all of which are accelerating at pace. We’re leveraging cutting-edge technologies and methodologies that foster a culture of open communication, shared objectives, and mutual benefits. Our aim is to make collaboration not just a buzzword, if that’s the right term as this ‘buzzword’ has hung onto its buzz for 30 years, but a tangible practice that drives projects towards excellence, efficiency, and innovation.

Enabling Change Through Technology and Best Practices

CE Midlands is embracing and moving with the times, our focus is sharpening on how new technologies and approaches can support a more sustainable, innovative, and collaborative narrative. From digital twins and BIM to modular construction and sustainable materials, we are at the forefront of research, guidance, and leadership on these aspects and many more. This approach not only aids in overcoming the current market adversities but also prepares our members and the wider industry for future challenges and opportunities.

Championing a New Era of Construction

The path ahead is challenging yet filled with untapped potential. In my new role as Deputy CEO, I am deeply committed to championing initiatives that bridge the gap between current practices and the visionary future we aspire to. This includes tackling the industry’s reluctancy to deviate from familiar, yet outdated practices, and guiding our community towards embracing change with confidence and optimism.

In these persistently turbulent times, our collective effort to push the boundaries of what is possible in construction has never been more critical. CE Midlands is dedicated to driving this change, ensuring that our members are equipped, supported, and inspired to lead the industry towards a future where collaboration and innovation are not just ideals, but realities.

Together, we are not just navigating the challenges of here and now, we are shaping the construction industry for tomorrow.

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