Generation For Change 

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CE Midlands G4C Chair - Georgia Williams


G4C is part of Constructing Excellence, and we share joint aims. Following CE's lead in collaborative practice we seek to harness the power of new people in the industry to make changes for the better and improve the way we work together. We are open to anyone looking to join the industry, or in the early stages of their career in the built environment sector.

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The G4C Committee


"To become the organisation that is the driving force for industry change, through the development and connection of the future industry leaders"

This will be done by targeting three themes:

  • People - Attracting, effectively developing, connecting and retaining the necessary people required to drive change
  • Sustainability - Equipping members with the necessary skills to drive the industry and wider society towards a sustainable future 
  • Asset Outcomes - Supporting the industry’s transformation from process driven to asset driven solutions aligned to client and wider society needs (focused on outcomes)

G4C members can benefit by:

  • Having access to innovative industry thinking
  • Having opportunities to 'accelerate growth' beyond typical career path(s) 
  • Understanding the strategic development / future of the UK Construction (asset management) industry 
  • Being involved in networking opportunities to form relationships with like-minded high achieving peers and to provide business opportunities


G4C’s aims are:

  • We will be the voice of our Generation
  • We will influence change 
  • We will target key Built Environment issues within the Midlands
  • We will help the Built Environment in the Midlands through linking with local business, authorities and education.
  • We will use the knowledge of, and work with the entire supply chain within the industry
  • We will learn about other professions within the Built Environment industry and develop relationships going forward. 
  • To network with like-minded individuals from the Built Environment
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