Procurement & Productivity

Michael Hiscock | Chair

Meeting Dates:

Tuesday 6th October 12:30 - 2:30pm

MEMBERS ONLY - Online with Microsoft Teams 

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This Theme Group has been assembled to help shape procurement approaches in the region.

Growth in demand for construction coupled with supply-side problems - such as skills shortages - mean that procurement remains a major issue in the region. Selecting the most appropriate design and construction team is a vital element of project success.

CE Midlands has charged its Procurement Theme Group with investigating emerging market conditions and helping to shape future approaches to the procurement of construction products and services, not just by clients but by customers along the entire supply chain.

An informed and proactive community of interest, sharing ideas and learning, and supporting the adoption of best practice in the procurement of construction products and services from highly effective supply systems in the region 

Our Purpose

· To share ideas and learning on construction procurement in the region

· To identify and communicate best practice in procurement in construction supply systems

· To represent, inform and influence procurement practices in the whole of the industry in the Midlands from clients through to product manufacturers

· To demonstrate that effective procurement based on Constructing Excellence principles will make a positive difference to project processes and outputs

· To provide a source of guidance through advice, tools and events on procurement for the region’s customers and suppliers of construction products and services

Our Specific Objectives

· To promote the practical benefits of collaboration in the supply chain and the involvement of key supply chain members as early as possible in projects with formal engagement no later than Stage 3 of the RIBA Plan of Work 2013 or equivalent

· To encourage the procurement of key members of supply chains on the basis of value rather than price

  • To identify and communicate examples of the business and other benefits of effective procurement practices based on best value rather than price
  • To provide guidance and tools to help the procurers of construction products and services along the supply chain to obtain best value

· To encourage the payment of suppliers in accordance with the 11 fair payment commitments as set out in the Construction Supply Chain Payment Charter 

Thought Leadership

Published Guidance

Outcome Led Procurement: a common sense approach, a guide for clients and their advisers. It advocates the benefits of understanding value, identifying project objectives, pinpointing and managing risks, treating design and construction as a joined up process and dealing with behavioural issues

Outcome Led Procurement: the view from the supply chain. It argues that the procurement of specialist products and services should be based on a greater understanding and communication of the outcomes wanted, adequate detailing and coordination of the works and the identification and management of the major risks involved

Guidance under Development

Establishing Desired Outcomes, a tool to help clients and their advisers clarify their needs and wants as a precursor to choosing the most appropriate project procurement strategy

An insight into the procurement of complex construction products and systems for procurement directors and managers in client organisations. The article will explain the fundamental differences between procuring basic commodities and complex products and systems

Dissemination Workshops

Here to Learn (HtL) workshops for key participants in construction projects and supply chains including Clients, Client Advisers and Consultants, Main Contractors, Specialist Contractors and Product Suppliers. The objective is to determine how construction products and systems are currently procured and how they might be procured more collaboratively and effectively in the future


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