Richard Whittaker | Chair

Meeting Dates:

6th October - 10am to 12pm

MEMBERS ONLY - Online with Microsoft Teams 

Please contact if you would like to attend


This CE Midlands Theme Group is available to clients of construction only

CCG The Construction Clients’ Group (CCG) is at the heart of Constructing Excellence as the body for all public and private sector clients’ to improve the value for money they get.

It is the only dedicated client body combining public and private sector clients promoting best practice and industry improvements.

  • Enable clients to get better value from construction procurement
  • Provide a learning and sharing network for clients
  • Promote best practice and industry improvement
  • Provide a portfolio of products and services for members
  • Influence government policy and forthcoming legislation
  • Provide a collective client voice in key representative groups for private and public sector clients and client representatives
  • To increase client competence in the procurement of built assets
  • A better built environment and return on your investment

For more information please email Richard Whittaker at



ISO18404: A Model for Lean Transformation in the construction sector



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