A Constructing Excellence Club is a place for individuals to learn about the principles of Best Practice, while creating a culture and local support network of continuous improvement. It offers the opportunity for an informal group of forward thinking, innovative people to learn from each other, share that knowledge and ultimately improve their business bottom line.

Who can get involved?

Anyone who is in the construction industry - from the client or owner of a building, to the design team, main and specialist contractors, house builders and materials manufacturers and suppliers. The only pre-requisite is that you should be committed to improving the performance of the Midlands construction industry.

What happens at club meetings?

The focus of interest is Constructing Excellence principles but the format and range of activities are up to you. Typical meetings might involve:

  • Speakers to inspire and inform.
  • Presentations on topical issues
  • Site visits.
  • Learning and sharing opportunities with other clubs.
  • Social and sporting events.


Clubs in the Midlands Region:



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