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The Collaborative Working Academy (CWA) has been set up to address the significant gap in construction management skills and industry capability required to deliver the industry improvements outlined in Rethinking Construction & the 2012 Construction Commitments signed by over 400 construction Consultants, Contractors and professional & trade organizations.

The Centre’s Chairman is Sir Michael Latham, author of the landmark industry report ‘Constructing the Team’. Working alongside Sir Michael, CWC’s Executive Board comprises construction and supply chain professionals.

CWC is nationally renowned for its expertise in advising both the public and private sectors & is one of the few consultancies in the United Kingdom whose practice is equally balanced between construction, manufacturing and supply chain professionals. This combination enables CWC to add value and to advise Clients in areas such as procurement, cost management & performance improvement.

To ensure that the Units and Programmes developed fulfill the broader requirements of the construction industry, CWA has consulted with Warwick University, Constructing Excellence, ConstructionSkills & the Chartered Institute of Building.


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 CWA Diploma Brochure
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This programme has been specifically designed to address the need for a practical course for people who will be responsible for the implementation of performance improvement across the business and projects.

A fundamental element of the programme will be to help the candidates develop their leadership skills and to grow their capacity to innovate.

This is particularly important to the future of the industry as we move from a traditionally fragmented and often adversarial basis to a collaborative & integrated approach to delivering customer solutions.

Constructing Excellence’s recent report, ‘Never Waste A Good Crisis’ highlighted the continued need in the sector to improve the capability of the people who work on both the Client and supply side of the industry.

Ideal candidate

Will come from an organisation which has shown genuine interest in the ideals of ‘Constructing Excellence’ and which will provide the opportunity and support to apply their learning.

Will be under consideration for increasing participation in business unit roles. Will be positioned (maybe only loosely at this point) in a business unit succession plan or may have recently moved into their first business unit role.

Will be able to articulate some understanding of the linkage between project and business success, culture, behaviours and motivations.

Will stand out from their colleagues as people prepared to question current practice, critique their own performance and understand that making improvements involves managed change.

There are no qualification barriers to entry to the course. We are looking at training in areas which few industry related qualifications touch on.

Expected outcomes for employers and students

CWA graduates will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to implement the initiatives outlined in Rethinking Construction and the 2012 Construction Commitments also known as collaborative working best practice.

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