About Constructing Excellence Midlands

CE Midlands is a progressive membership organisation committed to improving business performance by driving innovation and best practise in the construction industry.

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CE Midlands is a collaboration of Midlands regional businesses – a not-for-profit membership organisation owned by the members. We work to support and advance the construction sector through collaboration, knowledge sharing, networking and by engaging with government and major public sector bodies to influence policy and industry initiatives, to ultimately safeguard the interests of our members and help build their businesses.

CE Midlands encourages networking and knowledge exchange by providing learning platforms to strengthen improvement throughout the industry - such as the local Best Practice Clubs, Forum activity and Demonstration Programmes.

Our website is at the core of everything we do and provides a platform for members to engage in debate, showcase best practice and is an essential resource information centre. This online tool means that CE Midlands can remain lean and efficient.

By getting involved, members have access to training, technical support and opportunities to promote projects where business objectives have demonstrably benefitted from the application of best practice methods and innovative construction technology.

In an increasingly difficult market, by joining a positive force for change, members can influence the agenda, gain industry intelligence into trends and innovations which will help shape business planning and potentially assist entering new markets.

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